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Prosoy has developed a range of protein preparations based on the two anchor products; Skimpro™ - an excellent protein base for formulating dairy analogues and other functional applications and Foodpro™ - a first class choice for non-functional protein applications.


Skimpro™ 50 and Foodpro™ 50 are the two basic protein products, non-GMO, in Prosoy’s range.

Skimpro™ is fully functional and forms the base for the functional range, whilst Foodpro™ is the choise for the non-functional range.

The production unit size allows for business to become multi local rather than global.


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Prosoy SA

The brand new state of the art production unit is now up running. Certification is in progress and test production is complete with excellent results. The team is ready to support our customers in all posssible ways including product formulation assistance.

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